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Enemy Location
Allegra Glenfort Temple
Bandit Archer Heart of the Ebian
Bandit Captain Heart of the Ebian
Bandit Infantry Heart of the Ebian
Black Wyvern Canyon of Shadow
Bloodfang Dunia's Meadow
Bromet, Keeper of Ages Field of the Dead
Caliban Pinnacle
Callisto Callisto's Keep
Cave Serpent The Energy Mine
Claude Barber Shop
Colette Mucky Duck Inn
Daedalus Training Hall
Dark Kraken Risen from the Depths
Deus Construct Karnak's Final Stand
Direhorn Hall of the Goblin King
Gate Warden Ancestral Nithus
General Zuur Attack at Dawn
Graphazul Keeper of Void Void Corridor
Guardian Dragon Eddas' Keep
Ice Lord Vallus Ice Dragon's Lair
Iron Basilisk Flame Cavern
Ironhaven Colossus Ironhaven's Lookout Tower
Karnak Karnak's Final Stand
Ko'thar Safe House
Kray Kray's Campsite
Lady Gwynn Glenfort Coliseum
Lord of Blades The Vile Gate
Majerio Majeri's Shop
Met'Huzil, Keeper of the Flame Third Floor
Mysterio Black Market
Oleg Draconic Delivery
Orisin Keeper of Silence ?
Prince of Blades The Prince of Blades
Saydon Keeper of Mist ?
Sebald fo Drol Disturbed Grave
Sha'lyn, the Spider Queen Rise of the Spider Queen
Steelclaw Heart of the Ebian
The Goblin King Hall of the Goblin King
The Hunter The Hunter's Folly
The Originator Primal Mysteries
Yodrin the Elder Yodrin's Tower
Yodrin the Elder (Dragon) Yodrin's Tower